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Andre No. 1 is one of the few shops left in the US that makes completely custom shoes to your exact specifications. Using a highly precise 3D technology we will make your shoes fit like a glove.

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Andre No. 1 Custom Made Shoes and Accessories

For over 50 years Andre No. 1 has been creating one of a kind shoes, boots, and a variety of custom clothing accessories. We have huge celebrity clientele including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, and KISS and more.

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Custom Services By Andre No. 1

Custom Shoe Services

Andre No. 1 Custom Made Shoes is one of the few shops left in the US that makes unique and custom shoes that fit you perfectly. Using a highly precise 3D scanner, we are able to create a detailed profile of your feet. This allows us to make gorgeous and extremely comfortable shoes or boots for any occasion. We have proudly created shoes for many celebrities over the years.

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Custom Clothing and Accessories

We also make unique clothing & accessories from many of the same high quality materials you will find in our shoes.  On occasion, clients will ask us to custom make accessories that fit their particular specifications. Whether you want a custom wallet, jacket, bag, belt etc., we can make your vision a reality.

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Leather & Shoe Repair Services

Andre No. 1 Custom Shoes manufactures shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories, but we also provide leather and shoe repair services. If you have a pair of shoes, a leather clothing item, or any related piece of clothing that needs repaired, feel free to bring your item(s) into our shop so we can determine what work needs to be done.

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